ADAM SHEDLETZKY  |  Senior Associate Alumni

Adam is a Zizzo Strategy Senior Associate Alumni (2016),  and currently works as a Senior Advisor in the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

Adam is a trained lawyer and former management consultant with a passion for helping business and government transition to, and thrive in, a low-carbon economy. He’s advised the CEO of a mid-sized investment bank on renewable energy, co-founded and chaired the board of a Canadian political advocacy organization, and studied and worked in key international markets such as China and India.  He holds a JD from the University of Toronto and a BCom from McGill University.

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Quinn & Partners works with organizations to design and execute sustainability leadership strategies to strengthen clients’ position with customers, investors, employees, industry stakeholders and society at large. Their mission is to advance sustainability integration in Canadian business and capital markets, and are Canada’s leading provider of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) certification.

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