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Asset Owners, Builders & Operators

 Asset owners, builders and operators have much to gain and much they can lose due to climate change. The transition to a low carbon economy will provide significant opportunity to those bold enough to seize it. And it has the potential to be devastating to those who ignore the risk of climate change negatively impacting their assets.

Zizzo Strategy  assets owners, builders and operators with both seizing opportunities and mitigating risk. We know what renewable energy and energy efficient technologies are worth pursuing, and we know how to manage projects. We advise on global best practices in constructing low carbon infrastructure such as the application of life cycle analysis and other assessment tools; and we can help ensure that vulnerable assets are identified and plans are put in place to mitigate risk.

Select Project Experience

  • Strategic Planning & Community Resilience: Zizzo Strategy provides strategic advice to assist the YMCA of Greater Toronto in developing and implementing its climate sustainability vision. Zizzo Strategy consultants have identified opportunities, managed partnerships and coordinated projects for the YMCA relating to renewable energy generation, energy efficiency retrofits, biofuel, vermiculture composting, urban farming, electric vehicle infrastructure and emergency preparedness. Zizzo Strategy consultants have also facilitated the integration of resiliency building, innovative and smart-city technologies into the YMCA’s new Cooper Koo YMCA facility on Cherry Street in Toronto’s new waterfront Canary District.
  • LEED & Life Cycle Analysis: Zizzo Strategy engineers have proven experience in developing high-performance green buildings and smart and sustainable neighbourhoods across Canada and Europe. Team members have contributed to dozens of high profile LEED projects. We have helped clients understand the impact of design optimization and material substitutions for lower carbon developments using advanced life cycle assessment methodologies. Zizzo Strategy brings a wealth of international experience and perspective, having worked with other innovative green building performance indicators, rating systems and benchmarks across Europe, including BREEAM, DGNB, Passive House and Active House.