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Utilities are particularly interested in the implications of a changing climate and regulatory environment. Electricity generation and transmission infrastructure must be strengthened in the face of climate disruption, and bottom lines must be protected as the energy landscape evolves.

Zizzo Strategy helps utilities understand how climate risk will impact their operations, how legal drivers may shape decision making, and how to integrate climate change into organizational frameworks.

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  • Understanding the Current State of Action and Awareness on Climate Adaptation in Canadian Electricity Sector: In a project funded by Natural Resources Canada’s Adaptation platform, Zizzo Strategy consultants interviewed the majority of Canada’s major electricity generation and transmission companies to assess the current state of awareness and action on climate adaptation in these sectors. Zizzo Strategy consultants prescribed key recommendations to assist industry and policy decision makers to move forward on climate resiliency. View the report here.
  • Climate Risk in Electricity Sector: Zizzo Strategy has delivered presentations and workshops and briefing documents to educate members of the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) on climate risk and legal drivers to adapt to climate change.