Zizzo Strategy advises private and public sector clients on the

implications of climate risk.

We draw on extensive technical expertise, project experience and cross-sector

networks to deliver impactful results in:

Research & Writing

Performing research by building knowledge on climate change law, policy, science and impacts and directing stakeholder consultations.

Training & Capacity Building

Offering specialized training for targeted clients, industry associations and special interest groups to address regulatory, legal, and business needs. Learn more and register.

Risk Identification

Providing senior management with the critical information they need to effectively manage climate risk at an organization-wide or project-specific level.

Strategic Planning & Framework Design

Integrating climate risk into decision-making frameworks at all levels of organizations and governments.


Identifying, implementing and managing tools, strategies, and projects.

Our lawyers, engineers, and business consultants have been at the forefront of the transition

economy for the past decade. We have particular expertise in:

Reporting & Disclosure

Understanding and complying with mandatory and voluntary climate risk disclosures.

Climate Policy

Developing low-carbon policy solutions and advising businesses and industry associations on the implications of domestic and international regulatory requirements and trends.

Climate Finance

Understanding and taking advantage of green bonds and international climate finance.

Legal Risks & Liabilities

Identifying and mitigating current and potential future liabilities related to climate risk (e.g. roads, electricity, infrastructure, storm water management).

Carbon-informed Investments

Helping asset managers and project investors understand and develop strategies to deal with carbon- and climate-risk.

Green Energy

Identifying opportunities and manage projects related to renewable energy and biofuels.

Low Carbon Construction

Advising on the construction of high performance green buildings and climate resilient infrastructure, regulatory compliance, and life cycle assessment.

Resilient Communities

Formulating resiliency frameworks to reduce climate risks, protect vulnerable infrastructure and communities, conduct sustainable energy community planning, and build smarter cities.

Biodiversity & Conservation

Advising on global species at risk laws and policies and applying creative, market-based tools that provide flexibility to planners and developers while conserving biodiversity and preventing habitat loss.

Land Use Planning

Designing communities and cities to encourage compact, mixed-use, location-efficient communities, active transportation, sustainable energy, green infrastructure, low-impact development and improved storm water management.