Climate Change Impacts Business

Industry heavyweights are urging investors and companies to incorporate climate change awareness into their business strategy.
Climate change is now a core business issue; a “must do” from a financial perspective.

Zizzo Strategy is a boutique consulting firm providing leading expertise in climate risk, resiliency and low-carbon solutions. We are a multi-disciplinary team of lawyers and engineering professionals who work at the interface of law, policy, science, technical innovation and real world decision-making.

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Shareholders Sue U.S. Corporation for Improper Disclosure of Environmental Liabilities

Shareholders and investors are increasingly asking for more information on environmental risks and liabilities. Investors in the United States filed a...
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U.S. Establishes New Federal Flood Risk Management Standard to Account for Climate Risks

On Friday (January 30, 2015), President Obama issued an executive order requiring all federally-funded construction projects to adopt more stringent ...
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Understanding Canadian Electricity Generation and Transmission Sectors’ Action and Awareness on Climate Change and the Need to Adapt

The electricity generation and transmission sectors are among the most at risk of being disrupted by climate change. Our recent study, “Understandi...
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