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RT  @ryanzizzo : What can Canada learn from international leaders on how to address embodied carbon? A lot. Global action round-up. https://t…

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RT  @ryanzizzo : Listening to Canada's Chief Resilience Officers' plans for our country's adaptation future. #LCF2017 #adaptation #topoli #cd…

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RT  @TuMy_Tran : #LCF2017 full session on finance with  @FCM_online , district of #saanich &  @ZizzoStrategy

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ZizzoStrategy’s  @JoannaKyriazis , with  @ICCA_Canada ,  @ec_minister , join Expert Panel on #ClimateChange & #Resilience.

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Today, Ontario launched the Green Ontario Fund. Register for a free smart thermostat (including no cost install) at…

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Overview :

Sound government policy is an essential ingredient to drive Canada’s climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts. With municipal, provincial, and federal governments broadly aligned, the next several years will witness significant policy change in a host of areas.

Zizzo Strategy helps governments research, strategize, and implement policy change. Our expertise spans a wide range of essential government actions, such as land use planning, biodiversity and conservation, sustainable energy planning, climate policy, transportation policy, green building policy, and advising on potential areas of legal liability. We’ve helped all levels of governments in Canada develop and implement superior action plans.

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Integrating Climate Change into Land Use Planning:

Zizzo Strategy consultants advised the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change on how to achieve climate change mitigation and adaptation objectives through amendments to Ontario’s land use planning framework in collaboration with other partner organizations. Drawing on an extensive literature review and scan of best practices, Zizzo Strategy lawyers prescribed recommendations for implementation strategies designed to promote: compact, mixed-use, location-efficient communities; urban design features that support active transportation; sustainable energy planning; protection and enhancement of green infrastructure; and low-impact development and improved storm water management.

Legal Drivers for Municipal Adaptation:

Zizzo Strategy consultants are regularly retained to inform senior-level decision makers in municipalities across the country of potential legal liabilities and other drives to improve climate change mitigation and adaptation activities.